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Timber Fencing is used commonly throughout the Uk to identify and establish a boundary demise in respect of domestic dwellings, parklands, industrial estates and agricultural sites. Fencing materials come in a vast range from pre made panels (Lap / Closeboard / Featheredge / Pallisade / Decorative) to all of the separate component parts which are ideal for those that are looking to build and construct their own fence.


Fence Panels


Decorative garden fencingThe most common forms of Fence panel on the market today are,


Lap Panels - Normally seen as the cheapest type of Fence panel, constructed using Waney lap slats, framed and pressure treated either green or brown. Supplied in common sizes of 6' x 3', 6' x 4', 6' x 5' and 6' x 6'.


Closeboard / Featheredge Panels - A more traditional form of Fencing, the Closeboard Panel is constructed using Ex 22mm x 100mm / 125mm Featheredge boards, framed and again pressure treated either green or brown. Closeboard Panels are more robust and generally come with a stronger / thicker frame. A superior panel to the Lap Panel and commands a higher price. Supplied in common sizes of 6' x 3', 6' x 4', 6' x 5' and 6' x 6'.


Pallisade Panels - Again a traditional form of fencing constructed from square upright timber slats / boards with approximately 4" spacing between. Ideal for low and high level fencing. Timbers will be pressure treated and it is not uncommon for many home owners to paint these panels white, especially when they have them running along the front of the property. Panel sizes generally offered are 6' x 2', 6' x 3', 6' x 4', 6' x 5', 6' x 6'.


Decorative Panels - The last 10 - 15 years has seen a growth in the use of 'Decorative Fence Panels' or otherwise sometimes referred to as 'European' or 'Continental'. A wide range of different 'Decorative' styles is available, predominantly pressure treated green. These panels are generally manufactured in metric sizes so caution is required when purchasing so as to make sure that they will fit into the existing posts. Common sizes are 1.8m x 900mm, 1.8m x 1.2m, 1.8m x 1.5m and 1.8m x 1.8m.


Fencing Components - Build Your Own Fence


Many choose to construct their own fence, materials that you will require to do this are as follows,


Featheredge Boards - Most Timber and Fencing Merchants will stock green and brown treated featheredge boards, predominantly Ex 22mm x 100mm, 22mm x 125mm and 22mm x 150mm and in lengths of 1.8m, 1.83m, 2.1m, 2.4m and 3.0m.


Fence Rails - The most common forms of Fence Rails offered are Ex 75mm x 75mm Arris Rails, 38mm x 88mm Square Rails, 50mm x 125mm Cant Rails and 75mm / 85mm and 100mm Half Round Rails.  All of these are pressure treated green or brown and come in lengths of 1.8m, 2.4m, 3.0m and 3.6m. The Square Rails and Half Round Rails being particularly popular to those looking to construct a simple post and rail fence, ie agricultural areas.


Gravel Boards - In order to protect the end of the Featheredge slats a gravel board needs to be placed along the foot of the fence. Most Merchants will offer in 22mm x 150mm boards, treated green or brown and in lengths similar to the Fence Rails that they offer, 1.8m, 2.4m, 3.0m and 3.6m.


Fence Capping Rail - It is always advisable to fit a 'Capping Rail' over the top of the Featheredge boards to protect them from the rain. Again this material will be pressure treated green or brown and come in lengths of 1.8m, 2.4m, 3.0m and 3.6m.


Fence Posts - Common Fence Post sizes are 75mm x 75mm and 100mm x 100mm, sold in common standard lengths of 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.4m and 3.0m, the most common of which is 2.4m and best suits a 6' fence. Some Merchants and in particular TimberClick London will offer a Class 4 Treated Post which has been specifically treated to BS8417 and are suitable for use in or with direct ground contact and have a 15 year life expectation. Most posts are standard Class 3 but strictly speaking these posts are not suitable for use in or with direct ground contact.


Panel FencingAlternatives to Softwood Fence Posts are Green Sawn Oak and of course Concrete, both of these items are again offered by the majority of TimberClick Merchants.


Fence Fixings & Accessories


When building your new fence or repairing an existing one there are plenty of products on the market that will help make the job all that easier, supplied by most TimberClick Merchants,


Fence Post Panel Clips - Fit these U Clips to the side of the Fence Posts, 2 or 3 on each side and you can easily slide a conventional Fence panel in and out, ideal for when the time comes to have to replace / fix the panel.


Fence Post Bolt Downs - Ideal for securing posts when working on solid ground, ie concrete etc. Simply fix these bolt downs to the hard surface and slot the posts into them.7


Fence Post Spikes - Ideal for driving into soft ground, providing a firm housing for the posts.


Repair Spurs - Ideal for repairing timber posts that have broken off at ground level.


Arris Rail Brackets -Fitted to the posts and allows the arris rail to be supported.


TimberClick has an excellent set of FAQ's that will help answer many of your Fencing questions, also a range of guides covering the installation of Fence posts, the removal of Fence posts and building a post and rail Fence.


TimberClick Merchants are leading National Independent Timber Merchants with fully trained and qualified members of Staff who are more than pleased to assist and advise you with your Fencing project, full details of contact numbers are to be found within each regional store:-


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