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Sheet Materials

Sheet Materials relate to timber and building products that are sold in sheet format. Such as plywood, hardboard, MDF, Plasterboards etc.


Different types of boards are suitable for specific type projects.


Plywood - Suitable for most building and construction projects. Bonded layer of wood sheets most often from a hardwood such as Birch (suitable for superior finishes) and Tropical Hardwood.


Typically, plywood is available in a variety of grades based on the finished look of the wood. The higher grades have fewer imperfections such as visible knots, pin knots or stains. The lower grades have at least one unfinished or poor quality.




Specialist Stores

Timberclick Cedar

Specialist timber suppliers of Cedar based timber, including cedar cladding, cedar decking, cedar shingles and more....

UK Timber Merchants

Timberclick merchant suppliers are selected because of their experience, knowledge and ability to provide high quality products at competitive prices.


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