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Timber Railway Sleepers – New, Used, Hardwood and Softwood

Timber railway sleepers have been used for centuries for fastening our rail lines to. Although, they are still used on railway tracks they have now become very popular with landscapers, builders, furniture makers and garden designers. Railway sleepers have become desirable because they are extremely hardwearing, long lasting and provide your garden with lots of character. Sleepers can be used in a variety of way from making garden furniture (benches / tables), building retaining walls, raised beds, steps and sandpits. They are quick and easy to install, providing instant walls and giving your garden a rustic feel.


Railway sleeper sizes


When purchasing railway sleepers, you have the option of buying new or reclaimed sleepers and are between 1.8m, 2.4m, 2.6m and 3m in length. TimberClick also provides softwood timber blocks that are 400mm (16 inches) long that are much lighter and easier to move around. Timber is a natural product and therefore sizes vary depending on moisture content with railway sleepers generally 250mm in width (10 inches) by 125mm (5 inches) in depth. Used railway sleepers in size more due to their previous life supporting railways and are often rounded through years of use and also have holes drilled through which rails were clamped.


Types of Railway Sleepers


Reclaimed / Used Railway Sleepers

Reclaimed sleepers were previously used on railway tracks and they have since been removed and will have creosote preservative on them.


Grade 3 Used Oak / Softwood 2.6M – This is reclaimed oak that was previously creosoted. They are of average to good condition, sturdy and fairly square and straight. They are a lower grade than the 2A but are great value for money.


Railway Sleepers Grade 2A Used Oak / Softwood 2.6M - Reclaimed oak that was previously creosoted. They are square with character and age. They are one of the best reclaimed softwood sleepers available on the market, representing great value for money.


Railway Sleepers Grade 1A Used Oak / Softwood 2.6M – These are reclaimed oak sleepers previously creosoted. They are in excellent condition and are the best of the reclaimed oak sleeper family.


Railway Sleepers Reclaimed Crossing Timbers Used Oak – Reclaimed oak previously creosoted. Lengths vary between 2.8m and 3.5m.



New Railway Sleepers - Hardwood


New Oak Sleeper Boards / Planks – These are new untreated mini oak sleepers with no creosote or tar. They are light golden brown to grey when delivered. They are in excellent condition with no holes previously drilled for railway fixings and are a long lasting hardwood, requiring no treatment. The planks are approximately 250mm wide, 60mm thick and 2.4m in length.


New Oak Railway Sleepers Untreated - New and untreated oak without any creosote or tar treatment. In excellent condition a genuine quality sleeper. Hardwearing, requiring no treatment. They are light golden brown to grey, however, after approximately 6 months they will turn a silver/grey colour. These sleepers are available in 2.4m, 2.6m and 3m lengths.


New Untreated Oak Beams Crossing Timbers Railway Sleepers - New untreated Oak with no creosote or tar treatment ideal for use in the home as beams above fireplaces. These are in excellent condition, square, not holed and are a genuine quality sleeper in long lasting hardwood that requires no treatment. They are light golden brown to grey when new but will turn a silver/grey colour after exposure to sunlight for approximately six months.



New Railway Sleepers – Softwood


New Softwood Green / Brown Treated – These are new Baltic softwood sleepers that have been pressure treated for longevity. They are square edged and uniformed, light to handle and easy to cut into or drill. They are green or brown in colour when delivered but will turn silver/grey over time when exposed to light. These sleepers are generally available in 2.4m - 6.0m lengths.


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